History & Development of the Ragdoll Breed


Welcome to Ragdoll Memory Lane

The Ragdoll Historical Society (RHS) website is a project aimed at archiving the history and development of this wonderful breed of cat. The Ragdoll has a short history compared to other breeds, some of which can be traced back hundreds of years. The Ragdoll’s history began less than 50 years ago, but what a history it has been! Despite having had more than its fair share of controversy at times, the Ragdoll has survived it all to become one of the most cherished and popular breeds in existence today.

As you take this journey into the past, you’ll notice that many of the items on this site are more than 30 years old. Most of the information here is based on memories, pictures and documentation of those who experienced the magic of the Ragdoll in its early days. Thankfully, wonderful records have survived and this website will provide readers with information that might otherwise be lost as folks fade away from the Ragdoll fanciers’ community.

You’ll find original letters and documents from Ann Baker dating to the late 1960’s and early 70’s, registration papers for the very first cats registered as Ragdolls, priceless pictures and documents from Denny & Laura Dayton, and hand-typed pedigrees from Blanche Herman’s meticulously kept files. Much more will be added in the future including stories about Ragdolls, more rare documents and brief profiles of early Ragdoll breeders and fanciers.

Please check back often. This will be an ongoing project that is continually updated and expanded as new items are collected. The What’s New page will chronicle information as it’s added to the website. If you’d like to help with this project or have items to contribute, please check out the Get Involved and the Sponsors & Contributorspages.

The RHS project is dedicated to the early Ragdoll breeders who paved the way – all those breeders who fought the early battles necessary to advance the Ragdoll breed. Special recognition and appreciation is paid to Laura and Denny Dayton without whom the Ragdoll of today would certainly not exist.

Enjoy your walk down Ragdoll Memory Lane!