History & Development of the Ragdoll Breed

Ragdoll High Points

1963 – Ann begins work on what would be known worldwide as the Ragdoll breed of cat

1965 – First Ragdolls are born in Riverside, California

1966 – First Ragdolls are registered in NCFA:  Daddy Warbucks, Fugianna, Tiki & Kyoto

1969 – Ann Baker sells her first breeding pair of Ragdolls to Denny & Laura Dayton

1971 – After a dispute with NCFA, Ann Baker creates her own registry of cats named International Ragdoll Cat Association (IRCA)

1973 – Blanche Herman buys her first breeding pair of Ragdolls from Ann Baker

1973 – Ragdolls make their first appearance in cat shows in NCFA

1973 – The Mitted Ragdoll receives Championship status in NCFA

1975 – Denny Dayton forms the First Ragdoll Club named “The Ragdoll Society”

1975 – Denny Dayton becomes the first President of The Ragdoll Society

1975 – Denny Dayton authorizes the publishing of the first Ragdoll Newsletter

1975 – Denny Dayton begins work on the Ragdoll Genetic Chart which continues to this day

1976 – Ragdolls shown in ACFA, CFF, UCF, CROWN & ACC

1976 – All 3 patterns of Ragdolls accepted for Championship in CFF & Crown

1977 – The Ragdolls are rejected for membership in ACFA

1977 – The Ragdoll Society newsletter is renamed the RAG with a new Editor, Doris Michaux

1978 – The Ragdoll Society changes its name to Ragdoll Fanciers Club (RFC)

1978 – UCF accepts Ragdolls for championship competition

1979 – Riegelman Perpetual Trophy in introduced as an incentive to show more Ragdolls

1979 – TICA breaks away from ACFA and accepts the Ragdolls for Championship competition

1979 – CFF accepts RFC as an official breed club similar to CFA membership today

1979 – Ragdolls included in Encyclopedia of American Cats

1979 – ACC accepts the Ragdolls for Championship competition

1979 – First Genetic Seminar is held by Solveig Pflueger PhD, proving that Ragdolls do breed true

1980 – Denny & Laura sell 12 Ragdolls to Lulu Rowley in England

1980 – Blossom-Time Pip appears on the cover of Cats Magazine

1980 – ACFA again rejects accepting the Ragdoll

1981 – ACFA finally accepts the Ragdoll for Championship status

1981 – The Ragdolls make their first petition to CFA for acceptance, but are rejected

1982 – Denny & Laura Dayton retire from breeding